People Are Talking…


Megan is a wonderful piano teacher with positive energy and an abundance of patience and can do attitude for our children. Her lessons are engaging and challenging, teaching our children a diverse genre of music. Her virtual lessons work well, really well. We’ve been pleasantly surprised. We’re very happy with our piano lessons and the experience that comes with it!

Kori Stecker, parent


Megan is a fantastic teacher. My children are loving piano and actually practicing without me having to nag them….and they sound great!

Lisa P., parent

Megan is wonderful! Our son has been taking lessons for a couple of years, he loves it, thanks to Megan and this method. Highly recommend!

Jeni J., parent

My kids have been taking piano and musicianship lessons with Megan for over 2 years now. We tried a number of places before and I’m so glad we found Megan. I like her teaching style and teaching methodology. My kids are not only learning to play an instrument, but they are developing musicality and the love for music. They are learning to compose and improvise, which is amazing to see. I know they will be able to enjoy music and continue playing piano in their life beyond the lessons.

D. Fotheringham, parent
Lubbock, TX


 I started lessons when I inherited a baby grand and didn’t know how to get started. Megan was the perfect fit for an adult with no experience! She is patient and kind and always makes me feel at ease. I never thought it could be this easy and am truthfully shocked at the number of songs I can play now!

Jennifer D., adult student
La Jolla, CA


I took the obligatory 2 years of  piano lessons as a kid. My main memory of that is scales…lot and lots of scales! I knew I wanted something different—I wanted to play songs. Megan’s program has been great. I’ve learned a ton of songs and feel so comfortable in my ability to just sit down and play. I was worried about having enough time to practice, but Megan has always made me feel like whatever time I have is enough. 

Wendy G., adult student
Phoenix, AZ

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