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Frequently Asked Questions About The Simply Music Method And More

How long does it take to learn the piano?2022-10-17T19:25:36+00:00

This depends on your goal, the type of music you want to play and your learning ability. If you want be able to play popular music so you can play and sing or accompany your friends to sing, then it shouldn’t take long. If you want to play advanced classical music, then it takes longer. Are you a fast or slow learner? Lastly, you want to find the right teacher so you don’t end up wasting time and money.

How often should you have piano lessons?2022-10-17T19:25:03+00:00

Ideally, you should have weekly lessons.

How many hours a day should I practice piano?2022-10-17T19:24:13+00:00

This depends on your goal and ability. To be able to play advanced classical music takes a lot of practice. It’s not unusual for a learner to practice 2-4 hours a day. On the other hand, if you just want to play for fun and enjoyment, 30 minutes a day would be enough.

What age should a child start piano lessons?2022-10-17T19:23:22+00:00

We recommend 6-7. However, not all kids are the same. Some mature faster than others. Some are ready by age four or five. It’s a case-by-case basis. Contact us and we’ll do a quick assessment to see if your child is ready or not.

How much does it cost to learn to play piano?2022-10-17T19:22:39+00:00

It depends on your goal. Do you want to play nothing but classical music? Then it might take a while because you’ll have to learn to read well and spend a lot of time practicing scales, drills, and technique. Therefore, it’ll cost you more. On the other hand, if all you want to do is play some blues, pop music and accompaniments, then it shouldn’t take long. Thus, It’ll cost less. It also depends on your natural ability. Are you a fast learner? Do you like to take it slow and go at your own pace? All these need to take into consideration.

Another factor is where you live. Rate varies from city to city.

How can you find a private piano teacher in Oklahoma City?2022-10-17T15:48:27+00:00

You can find a piano teacher by searching online for “piano teachers in Oklahoma City” or “piano lessons in Oklahoma City.” You could also check us out here on this website. We teach a non traditional piano method that allows you to play from your very first lessons.

How many piano methods are there?2022-09-02T16:37:20+00:00

There are many piano methods, but it boils down to two categories: traditional and non-traditional. For the sake of simplicity, any method that requires you to learn to read music first falls under the traditional method. Any method that does not require you to learn to read first, but rather allows you to play immediately, is considered non-traditional. Simply Music is the world’s largest playing based method. This is our preferred method to teach at Intrinsic Melodies Music Studio.

Does this method have anything to do with ear training?2022-09-02T16:38:13+00:00

No, although the ear will develop as a by-product of this method.

Will students ever learn how to read with this method?2022-09-02T16:38:57+00:00

Absolutely, after the first year or so when students have acquired between 30 – 50 songs in their active playlist, we introduce note reading.

Why play first, read later approach?2022-09-02T16:58:07+00:00

It’s the same reason we learned to talk long before we went to school to learn to read and spell. We want you to acquire the language of music first by immersing you in the process of playing immediately. When ready, we’ll introduce reading. By then you should have an intimate relationship with the piano and a repertoire of about 30-50 songs in different styles of music. Moreover, most people would love to be able to sit down at the piano and play songs, not practice scales and drills. Please click on the ‘PLAY’ button below to learn more.


Is there a separate fee for Better Practice App?2022-09-02T16:41:10+00:00

No, there isn’t. Your tuition includes the use of the Better Practice App.

How did the Simply Music method begin?2022-08-26T15:22:48+00:00

Rather than us telling you, we’ll let you hear directly from the creator of Simply Music, Neil Moore. Please click on the ‘PLAY’ button to watch the video below.

Why don’t you have pricing listed on your website?2022-09-04T18:03:51+00:00

We choose not to list our tuition fees on our website for two reasons:

  1.  Because we teach a very different method than anyone, we believe that it’s in your best interest to check us out first before we give you our pricing. We’d like for you to “test drive” us before you decide. It only makes sense to find out about pricing after you know the value of what we do. You are more than welcome to come to one of our Free Introductory Sessions to find out more about us.
  2. If you’re price shopping for piano lessons, it’s really hard to compare us to any other piano studio in Oklahoma City since no one does what we do. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. At Intrinsic Melodies Music Studio we pride ourselves on the value that we can bring to you. Put another way we care about results more than anything.
I’m an adult learner, would this method work for someone like me?2022-09-02T16:44:47+00:00

Absolutely, adults appreciate this because of the play first approach to learning the piano. Most adults do not have the patience or inclination to go through the rigors of learning to read musical notes. We help you bypass the reading part and get you straight to playing great sounding songs from the very beginning.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-09-02T16:45:49+00:00

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. Just let us know 30 days in advance and you’re good to go.

Do I have to sign a long term contract for piano lessons?2022-09-02T16:47:05+00:00

No, we bill month to month. You can cancel anytime. We have a 30 day cancellation policy. However, if you prepay three months at a time, you can save some money on your tuition.

How old does a child have to be to take piano lessons at your studio?2022-09-02T16:48:28+00:00

We generally accept students around six years of age. There are always exceptions. If your child is younger than six, please bring them in for a quick assessment. We’ll determine if they’re ready or not.

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